Libya (University of Gharyan) Sixth Ordinary Meeting of the University Council

Held on Tuesday morning, October 1, 2022. Sixth Ordinary Meeting of the University Council. In the meeting room of the General Administration of the University under the chairmanship of Mr. Dr. President of the University and in the presence of:
Mr.. Dr. Vice Dean for Scientific Affairs at the University
Mr.. Dr. Director of the Documentation and Information Center at the University
Gentlemen.. Deans of Faculties
Mr. Director of the Language Center
Mr.. Registrar General of the University
The meeting addressed a number of topics on the agenda, the most prominent of which are:
– Open the door of registration and admission (preliminary) to the faculties of medical, science, engineering and information technology and determine the centers of admission of students and the regulation governing them.
– Review of the book of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts of the Fingers on permission to open the Department of Geography in graduate studies.
– Review the letter of the Director of the Quality Office at the University regarding the coordinators of quality, study and examinations in the scientific departments of the colleges.
– Review the letter of Mr. / Dean of the College of Information Technology regarding the granting of permission to open a new department in the college.