University of Bologna (Italy) Right to education: the call for applications for rent subsidies to non-resident students is now online

The University will grant EUR 1,000 to 600 students enrolled in AY 2022/23 to provide further support to non-resident students returning to live in Bologna and in the Romagna Campuses
With the aim of further assist students for the right to education, the University of Bologna has arranged this new measure in collaboration with Bologna City Council, the regional agency for the right to higher education ER.GO, and the Regional Directorate of Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian Revenue Agency) to assist non-resident students seeking accommodation in the multicampus cities.

For the academic year 2022/2023, 600 financial subsidies of EUR 1,000 each have been announced to partially cover the cost of rent for non-resident students who have an ISEE (Economic Situation Indicator) between EUR 24,335.12 (new ISEE threshold for ER.GO scholarships + 0.1) and EUR 28,000.00. This will facilitate part of the student population that cannot access ER.GO’s benefits, who can as well face difficult economic conditions.

Terms and requirements can be found in the call (deadline 30/12/2022)