Open University of Cyprus (Cyprus) OUC Associate Professor Alexandros Tsadiras has been awarded the prestigious Jean Monnet Chair in “EU Institutions, Rights and Judicial Integration”

Associate Professor Alexandros Tsadiras, Academic Coordinator of the MA Programme “European Union Law” of the Open University of Cyprus, has been awarded the prestigious Jean Monnet Chair in “EU Institutions, Rights and Judicial Integration” by the European Commission. Dr Tsadiras will hold the Chair at the Open University of Cyprus until 2025.

Jean Monnet Chairs are three-year teaching and research posts with a specialisation in European Union studies for university professors. Following a global, very competitive selection process, the European Commission awards the Chair to qualified professors who focus their teaching and research on topics relevant to European integration. The Jean Monnet Chair “EU institutions, Rights and Judicial integration” that will be hosted at the Open University of Cyprus has the following objectives: a) generate and enhance knowledge and insights that can support EU policy-making and strengthen the role of the EU in a globalised world, b) foster dialogue between the academic world and society, including local and state level policy-makers, civil servants, civil society actors, and c) spread knowledge about EU subjects to wider society.

The Chair aspires to: introduce new courses on European Union Law and enhance the profile of the existing syllabus; conduct high level research on crucial issues of European Integration; organize international events with the aim of facilitating the flow of knowledge and engage different stakeholders in policy dialogue; implement a fervent dissemination strategy in order to spread the European ideal and the core values of the European identity.

The holder of the Jean Monnet Chair, Dr Alexandros Tsadiras, is Associate Professor of European Union Administrative Law and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management at the Open University of Cyprus. He holds a doctorate in Administrative Law of the European Union from the University of Oxford, a Masters Degree in European Union Law from the University of Edinburgh and a law degree from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He is a member of international scientific associations, such as the Research Network on EU Administrative Law, the European Law Institute, the International Ombudsman Institute and the European Criminal Law Academic Network. His research interests include the concept of good administration, the European Ombudsman, extrajudicial protection at Union level and the improvement of European Union administrative services.