Anahuac University (Mexico) Students are trained to spread joy with children who are in hospital

On October 15, 16, 22 and 23, 2022, the third training of the Contagia Alegría apostolate was held on the South Campus of our Anahuac University Mexico, an event organized by theUniversity Pastoral Directorate.

Contagia Alegría is a program of Soñar Despierto A. C., which seeks to transmit the joy of living to hospitalized children, through laughter therapy and continuous visits.

In order to fulfill this mission, it is necessary that young volunteers are trained in the clown art, which seeks to motivate children to steal a smile and fully fulfill the motto: “Put your heart in your nose”.

On the first day, the group of participants was integrated through dynamics, games and other activities that allowed them to get to know each other and discover the mission and vision of the apostolate.

During the second and third day, we sought to train the participants in the clown art in depth, specifically in educating them to lose grief and delve them into the art of improvisation, jokes, jokes for their spectators and other aspects of laughter therapy.

Finally, the fourth day consisted of putting into practice what they had learned, visiting one of the homes of Hogares Providencia I.A.P., where they spread joy to their young spectators, and at the end of it, the participants had their graduation and received their clown certificate, endorsed by UNICEF, and with curricular value to continue their work in hospitals, Asylums or children’s shelters.

On this occasion, 20 students from the different careers taught at the South Campus participated and in total there are already 45 clowns in this apostolate.

It should be noted that these students will participate in the Macroposada de Soñar Despierto that will be held on December 10 at the South Campus and to which we invite students to participate as volunteers, in charge of a child of limited resources. For more information, contact REMA Sur or sponsor a child this Christmas with a giftby clicking here.