Anahuac University (Mexico) Martín Jiménez Velázquez shares his academic experience abroad

Martín David Jiménez Velázquez (Master in Economics and Business, gen. ’22) shares with the University Community his academic training, whose performance led him to obtain scholarships abroad.

He is currently a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio, United States. He is part of the Master of Accounting program (MS Accounting) from which he plans to graduate in May next year.

In an interview, our graduate revealed that he chose to study a second master’s degree outside of Mexico to meet the 150 hours of accounting study required to become certified as a public accountant (CPA) in the United States.

“Having studied the Master’s Degree in Economics and Business at the Anahuac University allowed me to obtain maturity in the financial and accounting knowledge I obtained in my bachelor’s degree, a more structured reasoning of the operations of companies and an ability to face new educational challenges abroad,” he added.

For Jiménez Velázquez, being a graduate of Anahuac was a key factor in his admission process at the University of Cincinnati and made his curriculum stand out.

“The AACSB international accreditation of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the Universidad Anáhuac allowed me to directly enter my current Master’s Degree in Accounting without the need to take an admission exam. I was also approved for the revalidation of subjects for the graduate program, which reduced the duration of this to only one year of full-time studies,” he explained.

Thanks to the grades obtained at the end of his master’s studies at our University, Martín David Jiménez obtained a merit-based scholarship (Graduate Incentive Award) and, additionally, a Graduate Assistant Scholarship to work as an accounting tutor at the Carl H. Lindner College of Business.

He recently had the opportunity to represent the Master of Accounting at the University of Cincinnati for an external evaluation of the program by other universities. This fact was for our graduate a great honor, because it is the product of his dedication, the international multicultural vision he has and the skills obtained during his time at the Anahuac University Mexico.