Zambeze University (Mozambique) 1st seminar on application of the pedagogical regulation in the area of ​academic registration

On the 20th of June of the current year, the Directorate of Academic Registration (DRA) held a Seminar on the theme “Application of the Pedagogical Regulations in the Academic Registration Area of ​​the Zambeze University, with the aim of jointly reflecting, at sector level, on the better methods that guarantee the proper application of pedagogical norms and, consequently, the excellence and quality of the services provided by the academic registration sector. The event was chaired by the Vice-Rector for the Academic Area, Professor Doctor Anabela Zacarias, who, addressing DRA employees and collaborators, focused on the need to master regulatory and normative instruments in order to better understand the functioning of the integrated management system academic (being implemented at UniZambeze). The Director of Academic Registration, Master Edilton Customs, addressed topics that affect the day-to-day activities of the sector and the challenges. The reflection, which was attended by the Central Directors of the Academic Units and Centres, takes place at a time when the revision of the Pedagogical Plan and the Curriculum Plan is in progress.