Yantai University (China) Lead the new journey forward spectrum chapter — Yantai University studying propaganda and implementation of the Party’s 20 spirit wonderful performance

The red ship on the South Lake of Jiaxing, bearing the people’s trust and the hope of the nation, has crossed the rapids and rapids and gone through the stormy waves, and now it has become a mighty ship leading China on a stable and long-term course…” In order to further study and promote the Party’s 20 spirit, on the evening of November 18, sponsored by the Party Committee propaganda Department of Yantai University and undertaken by the School of music and dance, “Leading the new journey forward spectrum Hua chapter” Yantai University study and promote the Party’s 20 spirit of the wonderful performance in Hongyi Hall. University leaders Zhang Dianchen, Song Zhongmin, Wang Qiang, Bi Kezhi, Feng Suling attended the party, and representatives of teachers and students from all departments, colleges and teaching and auxiliary units attended the party.

“Rivers and mountains are the people, and the people are rivers and mountains, and it is the hearts of the people who fight and defend the rivers and mountains.” The gala kicked off with the grand opening chorus of “People’s River and Mountain”. The gala has a distinct theme, closely centering on the growth process of the Communist Party of China. It is divided into three chapters: “Rising Sun”, “Pursuing our Dream” and “Moving Forward”. It covers songs, dances, instrumental music and other forms of performance with rich content and wonderful content.

In the first chapter, the song “The most beautiful is you” eulogizes the most beautiful is the party flag red, dyed in the vast Chinese land, after countless eventful years, but bright as before, never fade. “Sing a Mountain Song to the Party” by pipa and Ruan ensemble is full of deep feeling and beautiful melody, showing the brilliant achievements of the Party in the century. The song “My deep feeling waiting for you” affectionately reproduces the Communist Party of China in the revolutionary forging more strong, the Chinese people more enterprising spirit.

In the second chapter, the dance “Find her in the Dream” brings the authentic Shandong Yangko dance, enthusiastically eulogizing the heroic journey of the Communist Party of China to unite and lead the people of all ethnic groups to build the Chinese dream together. The song “Go with You” uses plain language to express the people’s confidence and determination to “love the Party and go with the Party”. The piano performance of Shandong Custom Suite shows the fragrance of folk culture and folk music on the land of Shandong from different angles, with a strong local ethnic customs. The song “Yearning” vividly reflects the great changes that have taken place in the motherland under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, and embodies the original aspiration and mission of the Communist Party of China in striving to realize “the people’s yearning for a better life”.

In the third chapter, the tenor sang “Long Live the Motherland” loud and clear, praising the motherland’s kind mother, singing long live the motherland. The folk music ensemble “Like a King” is powerful and shocking, with dense drumming, leading the audience to feel the beauty of traditional Chinese culture. The song “Give Everything to the Party” expresses people’s unswerving loyalty to the Party, unswerving commitment to faith, and firm belief and pride that they are willing to devote their youth and life to the ideal.The dance drama “Mine Battle” affectionately eulogizes the unyielding fighting spirit of the sons and daughters of Qilu under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the feelings of family and country, inspiring the ceaseless red blood of teachers and students. “Great Communist Party of China! Brave the wind and waves, sail far away, and lead China in the journey of the new era…” The loud and passionate “Pilot” song sounded, leading the audience through the centennial glorious history of the Communist Party of China, singing the main theme of leading the new journey and forging ahead.

“The whole show took more than three months from conception to rehearsal to the stage. The gala is close to life. There are piano suites to show Shandong folk customs, dances to praise the simplicity and kindness of Shandong people, and a large number of Yantai University’s original cultural achievements.” Speaking of the gala, Li Zhongming, the chief director of the gala and a teacher of the Conservatory of Music and Dance, said that the gala aims to play the role of literary and artistic infiltration, innovate the way of red education, so that the majority of young students in the classical art edification, feel the great spirit of the Party, further study and understand the Party’s 20 spirit, determined to be able to undertake the great task of national rejuvenation of the new era.

On the night of the performance, applause continued, and the audience said they were very happy and moved. Chen Junnan, a student from the College of Civil Engineering, said, “I watched the gala and deeply felt that the CPC was born for its mission and acted in accordance with its original aspiration, leading the Chinese nation on a right path toward great rejuvenation. As the young people of the new era, we should follow the guidance of the Party’s 20 Spirit, stay true to our original aspiration, keep our mission firmly in mind, integrate our spirit into our blood and soul, and strive to grow into good young people of the new era who have ideals, dare to take responsibility, can bear hardships and are willing to struggle.”