Xi’an Jiaotong University (China) – XJTU holds commencement ceremony

The 112th (2021) Commencement Ceremony of Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) is held at Xingqing Campus on July 3.

Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) held its 112th (2021) Commencement Ceremony at Xingqing Campus on July 3. A total of 8,492 graduates, as well as representatives of teachers and students, alumni, and parents attended the event, with some of them watching a live broadcast through a livestreaming platform.

More than 850 undergraduates and 450 postgraduates were awarded the title of outstanding graduates. Two hundred and nineteen undergraduates and 217 postgraduates were awarded the title of outstanding graduate cadres, and 229 graduates who worked in key grassroots units were commended.

Lu Jianjun, Chair of CPC XJTU Committee, delivers a speech at the commencement ceremony on July 3.

Lu Jianjun, Chair of CPC XJTU Committee, encouraged graduates to devote themselves to the cause of the Party and the people, take the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as their responsibility, strengthen the ambition and confidence of being Chinese, and live up to the ardent expectations of the Party and the people.

Lu said, “The Era forges heroes, and greatness originates from the ordinary. You were born in this great era which means you need to undertake the great mission. I hope you will seize the day and live it to the fullest, inherit and carry forward the spirit of westward relocation, adhere to the mission of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, continue to learn and grow, and contribute in the areas where the motherland’s needs are greatest.”

XJTU President Wang Shuguo delivers a speech at the commencement on July 3.

XJTU President Wang Shuguo recounted the deeds of communists such as Mao Zedong, Chen Duxiu, and Li Dazhao.

He said, “Aspiration stems from the feelings of family and country, which is loyalty and contribution to the country and nation. Integrity comes from cultural self-confidence and the results of struggle. People without self-confidence have no integrity, and cannot support the development of the country. Only talents with ability, contribution and accomplishment have confidence.

He expressed his hope that graduates can inherit the spirit of westward relocation, hold up the hope and future of the nation, grow into the backbone of the nation, and make their own contributions to the community with a shared future for mankind.

Zheng Qinghua, vice-president of XJTU, reports thesituation of 2021 graduates at the commencement ceremony on July 3.

As of July 2, XJTU had a total of 8,492 graduatesin 2021, including 3,907 undergraduates, 3,937 masters, and 648 doctors. Among them, the number of undergraduates who went on to further education was 2,746, and more than 1,600 graduates who worked in key state-owned enterprises, important scientific research bases, and companies ranked in the Fortune 500.

Over 70 percent of the undergraduates chose to further their studies, demonstrating the school’s effectiveness in educating students. Over 2,350 graduates stayed in the central and western regions for employment, indicating that the spirit of westward relocation with patriotism as the core has been internalized into the most distinctive spiritual mark of XJTU.

Three hundred and eighty-seven graduates devoted themselves to the modernization of the national defense, and 722 graduates chose to work in scientific research institutes and higher education institutions, demonstrating the spirit of XJTU’s mission to take the building of a “powerful country in science and technology” as its own responsibility.Almost 3,200 graduates are working in various key enterprises,demonstrating XJTUers’ key role in supporting the development of the country.

XJTU graduates stick to their positions for the Party and the people and strive for the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Yang Nan, a graduate of the School of Mechanical Engineering, has obtained three authorized invention patents, and chosen to work at the China Academy of Engineering Physics after graduation. Song Siyang, a doctoral graduate of the School of Aerospace Engineering, successfully developed a high-precision piezoelectric drive device in 2018 and won the gold medal of the 4th China College Students’ “Internet Plus” Innovationand Entrepreneurship Competition.

Song Dongdong, a graduate of the School of Chemistry, chose to go to the Tarim Basinin Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and work in the oil industry, is devoting his youth in the main front of the west-east gas pipeline and the front line of national construction.

Bao Liping, a graduate of the School of Humanities and Social Science, became a selected graduate of theInner Mongolia Autonomous Region, devoting her ideals and ambitions into the construction of her hometown.

Li Haoxuan, an undergraduate student majored inACCA, founded Xi’an Shuize Power Co, Ltd, a company dedicated to providingsolutions to major needs in water ecological governance and marine economicdevelopment.

Zhang Yue’e, founder and chairman of the board of directors and CEO of PW Medtech Group Limited, one of the share holders and founders of Lepu Medical, and an alumnus of XJTU in 1981, shared her life experience with the graduates.

“We must continue to innovate and seek breakthroughs through exploration; we must persevere and use hard work tocreate success; we must aim for the highest to determine the future. This is an era where opportunities and challenges coexist. I hope you can brave winds and waves and achieve a great cause,” said Zhang.

Liu Yuewen, a professor and doctoral supervisor ofthe School of Management, and a big data expert in the national public security system, spoke on behalf of the teachers. He encouraged graduates to have along-term vision and a broad vision, combine personal development with the background characteristic of times, and use the knowledge and skills they have learned to serve the society while they pioneer and innovate in practice.

“To meet the major needs of the country and contribute to the well-being of all mankind, the students of XJTU must have a big picture, practice the spirit of westward relocation, and fight for the happiness of their own lives,”said Liu.

Zhang Jin, vice-president and secretary general of the Changzhou Alumni Association of XJTU, and chair of the CPC Huaxia Bank Changzhou Branch, is the mother of Ling Yuqi, a graduate of the School of Management.

She said, “Our family members are all graduates of XJTU. Three of us have studied at XJTU for 17 years. We have astrong feeling towards the school. Thank the alma mater for training us. I hope all the graduates will never forget where they come from and become responsible and grateful XJTUers.”

Ma Kai, a 2021 undergraduate from Qinghai Province, is about to go to Tibet as a volunteer teacher.

He said, “The four years of learning in XJTU have taught me to be more certain. Youth should shine in the places where the motherland needs it most. I will contribute my strength to the education of the west and the revitalization of the countryside. I won’t let the Party and the people down!”

Luo Zian, a 2021 undergraduate who majored in medical science, used her WeChat account to carry out academic mutual aid, popularization of science and anti-epidemic activities, and held online classes.

She said, “Young people should use what they have learned to serve society and give back to others with what they can. After graduation, I will continue to devote myself to the research of basic theories of brain science and escort the lives and health of the people.”

Liu Xiaoxue, a postgraduate from Finland, said, “Six years of study in XJTU not only allowed me to gain knowledge, friendship, and honor, but also made me an authentic Xi’an girl. In the future, I will stay in China and work for cultural exchanges between China and Finland and the international spread of Chinese culture. I will make my own contribution and be the light of the world, I love XJTU!”


Yan Jiaqi, a 2021 PhD graduate, founded Xi’an Chuangge Electric Technology Co, Ltd during his time at school, is dedicated to developing special power systems.He said that more than 3,000 days and nights in XJTU strengthened his determination to take the road of in-depth integration of industry, university and research.

“I will inherit the spirit of westward relocation, devote myself to exploring new technologies for electric propulsion and efficient energy management,” said Yan.

Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences HouXun, Tao Wenquan, Guan Xiaohong, Guo Liejin, Deputy Chair of the CPC XJTU Committee Zhao Changchang, Vice Presidents Xi Guang, Yan Hong, Wang Tiejun, and Zhao Junwu, participated the ceremony.

Other participants included Zhang Dinghong, memberof CPC XJTU Standing Committee and director of the United Front Work Department, Chai Wei, member of the CPC XJTU Standing Committee and director of the Organization Department, Hong Jun, member of the CPC XJTU Standing Committee and assistant to the XJTU president, Cheng Jin, member of the CPC XJTU Standing Committee and the Publicity Department, Bie Chaohong, member of the CPC XJTU Standing Committee, director of Office for Discipline Plan and Building, and dean of the School of Electrical Engineering, and Lü Yi, assistant to XJTU president, deputy director of the Health Science Center, and dean of the First Affiliated Hospital of XJTU.

All 2021 graduates, members of the school degree evaluation committee, heads of colleges, schools, and functional departments, leaders of 16 affiliated middle schools, and representatives of more than 20 news agencies including Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, China News Service, and China Daily attended the ceremony.