Xi’an Jiaotong University (China) Jiaotong University alumnus receives Touching China Award in 2021

Aircraft designer Gu Songfen, an alumnus of Jiaotong University in aeronautical engineering, also the winner of China’s top science award, was selected one of the people who touched China in 2021.

Gu Songfen, born in 1930 in Jiangsu province, is a renowned aircraft designer. Gu is the only academician of both the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering in the national aviation industry.    

He was in charge of the aerodynamic design of the Shenyang JJ-1, China’s first jet trainer, and of the Shenyang J-8 and J-8-II, China’s first high-speed, high-altitude interceptors, laying the cornerstone for subsonic and supersonic aircraft design in the country.    

“I’m very grateful for the Party and the country, for all Chinese people, especially those who have continued to work hard for the aviation cause of the motherland from generation to generation,” said Gu through video link.    

The Touching China Awards, which recognizes the country’s most inspiring role models, was initiated since2002.    

In 2021, 10 figures, which were Peng Shilu, Yang Zhenning, Gu Songfen, Wu Tianyi, Zhu Yanfu, Su Bingtian, Chen Beier, the couple of Zhang Shundong and Li Guoxiu, and Jiang Mengnan, were honored. The Chinese people who were devoted to the national aviation industry were given a special tribute.