Japan (Waseda University) Spring 2023 Graduation And Entrance Ceremonies

The University will be holding March graduation ceremonies and April entrance ceremonies for all undergraduate and graduate schools. The ceremonies will be split into multiple sessions to disperse the number of participants per session. For more information on the ceremonies, click on the respective links below.

Note: Once details regarding the ceremonies are finalized, including whether or not the ceremonies will be held as planned, announcements will be made on your affiliated school’s homepage. Please check your school’s homepage regularly.

All students attending the ceremony must wear a mask. At the ceremony, please maintain social distancing as much as possible to prevent infection.

As a measure to prevent Covid-19 infection, only graduates and new students are invited to attend the ceremonies.
For students interested in attending, you must take your temperature on the day of the ceremony before coming to campus. On the day of the ceremony, students must take their temperature before coming to campus. If you show any signs of infection, such as a fever, you may not attend the ceremony. (A link for the live online viewing of the ceremonies will be posted on the webpages above)
Please strictly follow the guidelines of university regarding participating in celebrations that involve eating and drinking (including personal events).

Entering the venue of the ceremony may take some time. Please arrive at the venue 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony.
The date, time, proceedings, and rules of the ceremonies might change due to the status of the Covid-19 pandemic at that time.