Japan (Waseda University) Encouraging COVID-19 Vaccinations Before The Winter Holidays

Encouraging COVID-19 Vaccinations before the Winter Holidays

November 25, 2022

Dear Students of Waseda University,

The highly transmissible BA.5 subvariant of the COVID-19 Omicron variant is now rapidly spreading in Japan. We are informed by the Japanese government that infections are especially increasing among the younger generations.

Christmas and the New Year are fast approaching. Before the winter holidays, I would like to strongly encourage you to receive the vaccine for the Omicron variant so that you can protect yourselves as well as prevent spreading it to your family or others, including young children and senior citizens.

In order to make it easy for you to get vaccinated, Waseda University is preparing bus transportation services for our students to outside vaccination stations provided by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government or other communities. Please pay attention to the information issued today by the university regarding how to make reservations to receive the vaccine.

It is my earnest wish that as many students as possible receive the vaccine before the winter holidays, and that all of you will have a safe and enjoyable break.

Needless to say, receiving the vaccination is not compulsory. If you have a physiological or health reason not to get the vaccine, you are not required to do so. It is your decision.

I hope you all have happy, healthy winter holidays!

Best regards,

Aiji Tanaka, President

Waseda University