Morcco (Al Quaraouiyine University) Visit of a delegation from the University of Sina, Italy, to the University of the Villagers in Fez

On Wednesday, May 07, 2017, the President of the University of Al-Qarawiyne, Prof. Dr. Amal Jalal, received at the Presidency Headquarters in Fez, a delegation from the Italian University of Sina consisting of:

– Professor Frati, President of the University of Sina.
– Professor Carlo, Consultant.
– Professor Karnin, in charge of training at the university.
– Mr. Abdullah Radwan, Director of the Islamic Center of Rome.

The talks between the two parties took place on cultural and scientific relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Italian State.

The Italian delegation expressed its desire to cooperate with the University of Al-Qarawiyyin in the fields of exchange of students and professors, research, training and constructive cultural and religious dialogue.

In this regard, the President expressed his readiness to cooperate within the framework of the University Cooperation and Scientific Research Agreement, the text of which will be submitted to the attention of the Council of the University of Al-Qarawiyyin at its next session.

The two Vice-Presidents expressed their readiness to engage in the project of cooperation between the two countries, which will benefit both sides.