University of Greenland (Greenland) Valuable Knowledge

Remember, on our website you can also always listen to the podcast series “Valuable Knowledge“, where some of our graduates talk about their theses (in Greenlandic).

Here you can listen to:

  • Aviaq Reimer Olsen: Aviaq’s thesis is about the fact that when students start high school in Nuuk, they often encounter two different cultures, which can create problems and misunderstandings between students and teachers – and in her study she had to go back to G50.
  • Ane-Mette Broberg Damgaard: Ane-Mette’s thesis is about theatre in Greenland – but along the way she faced challenges due to the lack of articles and discussions about theatre in the media.
  • Camilla Kleemann-Andersen: In her thesis, Camilla analyzed the Greenlandic language, and the many emotions involved – and as she mentions: if we don’t talk about the emotions that arise around the language debate, and if we don’t talk about the background of those emotions, we won’t get over them.
  • Heidi Rosing: In her thesis, Heidi analyzed young people’s social opinions after watching the documentary “Mumisitsinerup nipaa” about the music band Sumé in the 1970s.
  • Marianne Jensen: In her thesis, Marianne examined decision-making processes in construction companies from 1950-60 and asked the question ‘postcolonial victim or self-inflicted problems?’.
  • Angutinnguaq Olsen: In his thesis, Angutinnguaq studied reindeer hunting in the past and present – and he is the first to have studied Nassuttoq from Greenland.
  • Ulunnguaq Markussen: In her thesis, Ulunnguaq examined why the majority wants independence in Greenland.
  • Host: Nivi Pedersen
  • Producer, editor & concept: Mudi Kramer Berthelsen
  • Sound & music: Fabrizio Barzanti
  • Partner from Ilisimatusarfik: Per Arnfjord

The podcast series “Valuable Knowledge” is sponsored by:

  • Naalakkersuisut’s Cultural Funds
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