University of Warsaw (Poland) Research career path advisor

Creating a conducive environment for research career development is an important element of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers, implemented by the institutions awarded HR Excellence in ResearchAppointment of an advisor to ensure a personalised approach to the scientific pathway plans by the academic staff, doctoral students and students of the University represents a further step by the University of Warsaw in the implementation of this mission.

The University of Warsaw supports the academic career development of members of its community by, among other things, forming strategic alliances with recognised research universities from abroad, such as the 4EU+ Aliance, which has been granted European University status.


Creating development plans for individual research career paths  is also a key activity. On 1st September, a research career path development advisor commenced work at the UW;  the advisor will help researchers identify their competences that need strengthening or are missing, advise on funding instruments for research activities, and will prepare an individual plan for the development of a research career path, taking into account the requirements for candidates, e.g. for the Maria Skłodowska-Curie scholarships or the grant recipients of the European Research Council (ERC).


Individual approach

“As planned, the advisor will meet individually with interested scientists, doctoral students or students who have already achieved their first scientific successes. The advisor will analyse and discuss their CVs and scientific achievements to date, perform a so-called “gap” analysis, and get to know their scientific ambitions for the next few years. In this way, the advisor will be able to select the right instruments to help researchers achieve their goals. The advisor will be able to, for example, indicate what grants they can apply for, what training they need – from the creation of scientific presentations, project management to the protection of intellectual property –  in which journals to publish, how to commercialise the results,” Diana Pustuła, the head of the UW Office for International Research and Liaison, says.


The post of the career advisor is held by Magdalena Chomicka, an expert in grant application and implementation, who also has experience in, for example, running workshops on ERC grants and Maria Skłodowska-Curie Actions in the National Contact Point for EU Research Programmes


Information broker

The UW shall cooperate with e.g. the Human Resources Office, ranking specialists (for scientific publications), the University Centre for Technology Transfer, science managers, the Office for International Research and Liaison (for international grants and cooperation in the 4EU+ Alliance), the Office of Research Administration, the International Relations Office, and with the University Library (Data Management Plan). “The adviser will therefore act as a kind of information broker,” Diana Pustuła explains.


In addition to preparing individual career development plans, her tasks will include organising training for researchers or advising young female researchers and teachers.