Japan (University of Tsukuba) A Party Of President NAGATA Attends The Workshop On U.S.-Japan Digital Innovation And Advanced Technology

Between November 1 and 2, President NAGATA Kyosuke, Vice President and Executive Director for Collaborative Research KANAHO Yasunori, Vice President and Executive Director for Global Affairs BENTON Caroline F., Executive Officer OHNEDA Osamu (Director of the Bureau of Global Initiatives) and Director of Center for Artificial Intelligence Research SAKURAI Tetsuya attended the Workshop on U.S.- Japan Digital Innovation and Advanced Technology at the University of Maryland, College Park Maryland in the U.S.

The workshop with the participation of U.S. and Japanese universities and research institutes aimed to expedite the development of cutting-edge science and technology across many areas, including artificial intelligence, quantum information science, and carbon neutrality. Moreover, the participants agreed on comprehensive efforts for such cooperation to be effective and sustainable.

We look forward to further exchange and collaboration with the U.S. in the future.