Sudan (University of The Holy Qur’an and Islamic Sciences) The Media Training And Production Center Honors Ali Abdullah, The university Guard, And Bids Farewell To Mujahid Yousef, The Radio Production Technician

 Today, the University’s Training and Media Production Center and Voice of Al-Mathani Radio organized a spontaneous honoring session to honor the hero Ali Abdullah Al-Tom – the university guard for his tremendous efforts during the October 30 million, and farewell to Professor Mujahid Youssef on the occasion of his new work in the State of Cameroon in establishing a radio special in the advocacy field.

Dr. Abdul-Rahman Jaafar Abdul-Rahman, Director of the Media Training and Production Center, said that this session is a kind of recognition of the gratitude and gratitude that Ali Abdullah Al-Tom did, so the center spared a heavy loss during the October 30 million.

Noting that Ali Al -Tom enjoys a great sense of security, discipline and responsibility, indicating that this honor is a tribute to all the university guards for the great role they play in preserving the university’s property. in the advocacy field.

The session was attended by the center’s staff, Sawt Al-Mathani Radio, and the Director of the Media and Public Relations Department, Dr. Qasma Ahmed Khalifa , who praised the cohesion, social communication and harmony among the center’s staff.

It is noteworthy that the university’s training and media production center was exposed to a partial fire in the events of the demonstrations on October 30, as a result of the fall of a bomb in buildings in an office at the entrance to the main training studio, and with great efforts by the guards, Ali Abdullah Al-Tom, to put out the fire and it was brought under control.