UK (University of the Arts London) New courses in data science and AI, creative robotics and computer science

University of the Arts London’s (UAL) Creative Computing Institute (CCI), which explores technology shaping our world and prepares a new generation of talent to shape it, is launching 6 new undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Computer Science, Data Science and AI, and Creative Robotics.

The courses are set to start in the 2023/24 academic year and mark UAL’s further expansion into STEM (science, technology, engineering and medicine) subjects.

CCI first began its programmes in September 2019 and was introduced as an institute in recognition of UAL’s view of computational practices as a key pillar of creative agency in the 21st century. From creative AI to spatial computing, the courses across the institute explore the intersection of creativity and computation.

The new courses are:

UAL is committed to giving our students the skills they need to flourish in a changing world and these courses will ensure graduates are well-placed in today’s industrial and economic landscape. These skills are not only in high demand from employers but will play a central role in addressing some of the biggest challenges of our time. Too often the debate in higher education pitches STEM against art and design – we believe this is a false dichotomy. Unlocking the potential of these fields requires creative thinking and ingenuity – something UAL is uniquely placed to teach.— Roni Brown, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)

Since its launch, CCI has been a place where computer science and creative practice come together and these new courses have been developed by industry-leaders in that spirit. Digitalisation and computational practices have radically shifted our culture – giving us a different understanding of our environment and opening up new possibilities for the future. We look forward to welcoming the first cohort and are excited to see the new ideas they bring to UAL.— Ben Stopher, Dean of the UAL Institute for Creative Computing

About the new courses

BSc and MSc Creative Robotics courses will be an exciting mix of robotics and creative practice, uniquely combining machine learning, physical computing and robotics with a strong emphasis on creative applications and the ethics and impact of robotics in society. The courses have been developed by Dr Vali Lalioti, Vali is a pioneering designer, computer scientist and innovator and joined CCI in 2020.

BSc and MSc Computer Science will explore web platforms, computer graphics, machine learning and AI to create models of real-world problems through computer programming.

BSc and MSc Data Science and AI will examine how this rapidly expanding discipline is shaping the world around us and investigate advanced applications of machine learning to create the next generation of AI products and services.

Our computer and data science courses have been developed by CCI experts including CCI professors Mick Grierson and Rebecca Fiebrink