Oman (University of Technology and Applied Sciences) First Day of Semester at UTAS-Muscat, ELC

After the Orientation Program for new students, the UTAS-Muscat welcomed all the students to the college campus on Monday, 19th September 2022. The new intake students took their first  steps into the English Language Center for the Foundation Program and were ushered by the “May I help you” team to find their classrooms. The students were excited to be on campus which they missed, due to the pandemic. The Head of Center, ELC Mr. Mohammed Al Kharusi, and Ms. Asma Al Breiki, a member of the Event Management Committee was also around to greet and welcome the students and make them feel comfortable at the outset of the new beginning for most of them. UTAS-Muscat ELC wishes all the students a joyful, blissful, and contented learning experience at the University.