University of South Bohemia (Czech Republic) American Spring at USB

The University of South Bohemia once again hosted a concert as part of the American Spring International Music Festival.

On Wednesday 11 May, students and staff of the University of South Bohemia had the opportunity to attend an exceptional concert by an American pianist Kenny Broberg.

Kenny Broberg is one of the most acclaimed pianists of his generation. He won the 2021 American Pianist Awards and was awarded the Christan DeHaan Classical Fellowship. He previously received a silver medal at the 2017 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition and a bronze medal at the 2019 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky International Competition.

The performance featured works by Nikolai Medtner (Forgotten Melodies, Op.39), Amy Beach (Ballade, Op.6) and Samuel Barber (Sonata, Op.26). Throughout the concert, the audience was fully immersed in the precise delivery of the pieces. The pianist experienced each piece very intensely, which added a pleasant charm to the concert.

We extend our heartfelt thanks for an extraordinary musical experience to the performer, Kenny Broberg. Many thanks also go to the director of the American Spring Festival, Ms Zdeňka Součková, especially for her long-term cooperation and the opportunity to regularly host concerts with leading personalities of the music world.