University of South Bohemia (Czech Republic) Academic Bicycle Challenge – Let yourselves go cycling! (Again!)

České Budějovice is an active cycling city that cares about nature. Cycling has a long historical tradition in the south of Bohemia, as evidenced by the existence of various cycling associations, which in today’s hectic times tries to point out how it was possible to enjoy the ride during the time of our grandfathers. We support it and we are ready to continue this beautiful tradition.

The University of South Bohemia has decided to participate in the Academic Bicycle Challenge again this year to raise the University’s profile abroad, help promote a healthy lifestyle, and to offer you a way of relieving all the winter stress.

The ABC Challenge is an international cycling competition for universities around the world and we will be participating during the whole month of June 2022. Just like last year, we urgently need you to participate to promote the University and plain good health. Whether you cycle for fun, to work or to stay fit, all trips count, and all collected kilometres will boost the overall result of the University. It is time to show our partner universities and other institutions worldwide that USB is still a premium institution!

This year, USB will support not only activities related to environmental protection but also a good cause! 1 CZK will be donated to charity for each kilometre travelled. The “travelled” amount will be donated to the Autism Centre in České Budějovice which helps people with autism and their families. The more kilometres, the more joy for everyone!

Participation rules

  • You can participate every day from 1 June to 30 June 2022
  • Your average speed should be under 35 km/h and you should not go faster than 50 km/h (electric bicycles count but watch your speed!)
  • No single trip should not be longer than 100 km (take breaks and don’t injure yourselves trying to win!)
  • All kinds of bicycles are allowed
  • You can cycle anywhere you want, there is no restriction on location
  • More information on conditions here

I don’t have a bike, what should I do?

We understand that you may not have bicycles with you but have no fear. You can use the popular rental bikes that are often available around the USB campus & the city. Go to the Rekola website to find out more Rekola – Discover city with Rekola Bikesharing

Joining the challenge

  • Please follow the instructions at Naviki Contests | Tutorial
  • The content you are joining is called ‘ABC 2022’ and the institution you should select is the University of South Bohemia.
  • Beware, there is a validation question that you need to answer! (But it’s easy)

Competition alert!

We take the challenge very seriously and we want the world to see that USB is a well-oiled team, but there is more. We will crown the Grand Champion in the female and male categories right after the contest ends. To become the Grand Champion, you need to cycle the most kilometres of all participants from USB. Don’t forget to send a screenshot with the total number of kilometres in the first week of July. The Grand Champion will be rewarded with great prizes and will bask in the glow of eternal fame as the cycling Grand Champion of USB.

We understand that becoming a Grand Champion is very difficult and the competition is fierce, but don’t despair just yet. You can also participate with colleagues and friends in teams and win the Best Team prize!

Newly, we’ll also be awarding the Faculty Cup that will be awarded to the faculty whose students and staff cycle the most in total. We hope in many kilometres cycled in upcoming years and that’s why there will only be one Faculty Cup that will remain in the possession of the most successful faculty until the next challenge!

Many thanks to Mr Vlastimil Šram from VK Roudenská Riding for renting us his beautiful historic bicycles, some of which can be seen until the beginning of next week on the ground floor of the Rectorate building. Thanks to him and his original collection of bicycles, we could create photographs to support USB involvement in the ABC Challenge 2022. 

Many thanks to Mr Jiří Šindelář, the chairman of the board and a chronicler of the Czech Cycling Club Podšumavan, z.s. , who also came to USB on his historical bike and in the uniform of the České Budějovice security guard from 1898. Meeting with both gentlemen was a great honour for us.