University of Science and Technology of China (China) 2022 Undergraduate Freshmen Registration in USTC

On August 19, 2022, the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) welcomed 1,958newundergraduate students. This year’s undergraduate welcoming took place at the CentralCampusGeneral Gymnasium. Outside the gymnasium, volunteers braved the heat to provide guidance for new students to report to school. In the gymnasium, banners of inspiration were hung above the gymnasium, which inspired the freshmen to forge ahead, learnwellthe arts and martial arts, and contribute to the development of the motherland.

(Photoed by USTC ,Central Gymnasium Check-in Site)

(Photoed by USTC , List of All Admitted Freshmen.)

High Priority Care and Attention

On the morning of the 19th, the leaders of the university went to the CentralCampuscomprehensive gymnasium, CentralCampusnucleic acid testing site, CentralCampusstudent dormitory and CentralCampusNorth Gate in turn to visit the new students who came to report to the university, encouraging them to set sail for a new journey. They condoled with the staff and volunteers who participated in the orientation, emphasizing the need to prevent and control the epidemic, to provide good services for the new students to check in and ensure a smooth and orderly start of the school year, andremindedthe staff to pay attention to heat protection and cooling.

(Photoed by USTC ,Central Gymnasium Check-in Site)

It is worth mentioning that on August 19, six new undergraduates’ birthdays were celebrated, and the school leaders gave birthday cakes to the six students at the check-in site. Due to the epidemic in Shanghai, the entrance examination and admissions were delayed. Since the new students could not receive theadmission notice by mail, Pro. SHU Gequn distributed the acceptance letters to the new undergraduates from Shanghai at the check-in site.

(Photoed by USTC , The University’ leaders gave their best wishes to the students whose birthdays were celebrated on that day.)

(Photoed by USTC , School leaders presenting acceptance letters to candidates from Shanghai.)

Under the background of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the USTC organized a number of strict measures to ensure in advancethe safetyand orderly arrival of new student in order to strictly comply with the requirements of the local and educational system of epidemic prevention and control management. The freshman submittedthe relevant documents and application for admission in advance in the health punch card system, and after the three-level audit of “CLASS – FACULTY- USTC”, they enteredthe school by verifying the health code and big data trip code at the entrance of the USTC. On the day of the freshman check-in, the school providedfree nucleic acid testing services for the entire staff, and the school also organized a second free nucleic acid test within three days. In order to achieve peak diversion, the school further optimizes the check-in process, new students can complete most of the check-in process in advance on the school’s orientation website and real-time broadcast of the new student check-in situation, simplifying the on-site check-in procedures and reducing the gathering of personnel.

(Photoed by USTC , Volunteers provide appropriate guidance to new undergraduate students.)

After checking the “two codes” and taking the temperature, freshmen entered the gymnasium and had their photos taken on site for identity verification, and reported to each college after successful verification. In order to ensure the smooth entry of new students, USTC has set up a “green channel” for 20 consecutive years for new students. Freshmen who have already applied for loans from their place of domicile, or with the “Application Form for Identification of Students with Family Financial Difficulties” on site, will be examined by the admission faculty on site and apply for admission procedures and defer payment of tuition and accommodation fees.

(Photoed by USTC, a green channel system for new students from disadvantaged families.)

Humanized Measures and Careful Arrangements

In order tomakescientific prevention and orientationmore smoothly, the schooltookvarious measures in conjunction with multiple departments to ensure campus safety and humane management. Freshmenwereallowed toputtheir luggage in the dormitory before reporting to the gymnasium, where theywereprovided with bedding and other household items free of charge. More than 100 volunteerswererecruited to help new students carry their luggage and answer questions. Guidance signs have been set up on campus and guidance staff have been set up at all major junctions.

(Photoed by USTC,A multi-sectoral approach ensures the orderly enrolment of freshmen.)

USTCprepared a “Freshman’s Pack” for all new undergraduate students, and all faculties and related departments have also prepared personalized materials and gifts for new students; the Catering Services Group has provided free iced drinks at the registration desk; the University Youth League Committee and the University Student Union have carefully selected four books to be delivered to each new student dormitory, and have given special gifts of canvas bags, postcards and card holders.

The university attaches great importance to the orientation work of undergraduate students, and the university held several coordination meetings and mobilization meetings to make careful planning, co-ordination and implementation of the orientation work. According to the school’s arrangement, each class held an online parents’ meeting on the 19th and a new student entrance examination on the 20th. After that, the school will carry out a series of activities such as new student orientation education, new student mental health screening and new student physical examination. From 22 August, thefreshmanwouldstart their two-week military training.

Wesincerely wish thatall the students in the USTCwould havea bright future in their studies.

(Written by ZHANG Boxian, edited byTONG Xinyang, USTC News Center)