University of Oslo (Norway) The National Bugdet 2023: Reassuring For Excellence In Research

The government proposes to give the Norwegian Research Council the necessary time and resources to prepare for a demanding budget situation.

– These are welcome clarifications that have a significant impact on Norway’s knowledge development and competitive strength, says Rector Svein Stølen at the University of Oslo.

– I’m relieved that it looks like the Norwegian Research Council will be able to announce FRIPO (independent projects support) in the first half of 2023, with allocations in early 2024. This is important for our communities of research excellence and for young, talented researchers. Predictability is crucial when it comes to the Research Council’s means of support, says Stølen.

Content with allocations for buildings and admissions
The government allocates support to the construction of the Museum of the Viking Age and the Life Science Building.

– It is great news that the work on the Museum of the Viking Age and the Life Science Building can continue at full force. We are also pleased to hear that UiO gets to admit twenty new students in nuclear subjects, says Stølen.

A demanding economic situation
At the same time, the proposed national budget entails a de facto reduction in UiO’s budget.

– We have started analysing the different cuts and changes that have been proposed, and what the implications are for our research and education, Stølen says.

A tighter economic situation also affects the students.

– We know that many students struggle to make ends meet. We are concerned for their economic situation, says Stølen. The Government also suggests implementing tuition for foreign students from outside the EEA area. UiO endorses the principle of free education also for this group of foreign students.

Read more about the National Budget on the government’s website (in Norwegian).