Kenya (University of Nirobi) UoN, NCPWD enter into a collaborative agreement

The University and National Council for Persons with Disability (NCPWD) entered into a collaborative agreement on Monday, 28th November 2022.

Mr. Hassan Harun, Executive Director, NCPWD expressed his joy on the Monday morning courtesy call noting that this is historic for the PWD community. He congratulated the University of Nairobi for being the first University to have a Disability policy. “This being the best University, you have the faculties to redesign to concept of disability; this year we are relooking how the concept of government and public institutions absorb PWDs.”

UoN will host the 2nd International Day of persons with Disability and have a panel discussion on ‘Universities and Industry as catalysts for the  realization of 5% employment opportunities for Persons with disabilities,’ on Friday, 2nd December 2022.

Mr. Harun mentioned that perspectives and conversations around the PWD community need to change from that of a charity perspective.

He noted that this collaborative agreement with UoN, will increase visibility and awareness of the PWD community, engage the Council and   PWD community in research and help government and other institutions in catalyzing implementation of the different policies that concerns the   PWD Community.

Prof. Stephen Kiama, UoN Vice Chancellor congratulated the disability mainstreaming committee for the efforts they have made towards   disability inclusion. The University placed the Disability Liaison Office at the Dean of Students to take care of the students and staff with various disabilities as other measures of inclusion are put in place.

Prof. Kiama said that, “Education for PWDs empowers them to be looked at with a different lens, they overcome their disability or impairment   with education and they are looked at as members who add value to the society.  I believe that through this partnership we will add value to each other.”

Stella Tiyoy and Andrew Kyosi, UoN PWD students remarked at the achievements that the University has made towards inclusion and they are glad that other students can now aim to join UoN as an institution of Higher Learning and have an opportunity to serve in their preferred fields/professions.

The activities lined up for the International Day for Persons with Disability (IDPWD) are Inter-university sports, wheel chair basketball, Blind football, Parachess and Darts. The Sports activities will be at the Hyslop parking and Great Court.

The panel discussion will be held in Taifa Hall.