Kenya (University of Nirobi) All set for the ATIC project kick off

The University of Nairobi’s Vice Chancellor, Prof Stephen Kiama and Elgon Kenya’s Managing Director, Dr Bimal Kantaria signed off the architectural drawings for the Agricultural Technology and Innovation Centre (ATIC). UoN and Elgon Kenya Limited entered into a collaborative partnership with the aim of establishing the ATIC in December 7, 2021. The centre’s sole purpose is to allow Kenyans and UoN students to experience innovation and the latest technology in agriculture. The centre will also be used to establish cost effective and easy to use innovations example; drip irrigation, drones and combined harvesters. The centre’s establishment is timely and will bring about sustainability, impact and solutions to the society; since 70% of Africans are farmers and 50% of Kenya’s manufacturing is agriculture-based therefore the establishment will incentivize farmers by enhancing their productivity and efficiency. UoN VC, Prof Kiama emphasized this by saying, ‘This Centre is going to be a game changer in technology and innovation and it is important that we- UoN and Elgon Kenya are aligning ourselves for impact and vibrancy as we embark on this journey of establishing a world class facility as is the UoN culture.’ According to Dr Bimal Kantaria, “the journey to the realisation of the establishment of the centre and to its first milestone in signing of the architectural drawings has been nothing short of tremendous and very fulfilling.” Since late last year, UoN and Elgon Kenya have been on a collaborative partnership to realise sustainability and societal impact. Through this partnership 23 students have enjoyed internship and training at Elgon Kenya. 6 of whom have been absorbed in the institution and the rest have ventured into freelancing and starting
their own businesses. In the signing ceremony, the Chief Operations Officer, Mr Brian Ouma appreciated the far the committee has come and the work they have done. “We are eagerly waiting for the ground-breaking ceremony to ensure that we see our two institutions soar to greater technological and innovative heights as we aim to be vibrant in championing for impact in our society.” While giving his remarks, the Chairman of the committee, Prof John Kimenju it was highlighted that the ATIC will be a green building with unique amenities. “The centre will have Tech shops for people to showcase their innovations as well as sell them, an outdoor auditorium that accommodates approximately 200pax, day-cares, classrooms, a social space, information centres, resident halls offices and meeting rooms,” said Prof Kimenju. The vote of thanks was delivered by Director of Intellectual Property and Management, Prof Mary Kinoti who thanked the management and the committee for the work they have done and encouraged them to keep up the good work.