Malawi (University of Malawi) Malawi hosts CUCSA 2022 games

The Tertiary Education Students Sports Association of Malawi (TESSAM) played host to sportsmen and women from several institutions within Southern Africa, who travelled to Malawi to participate in the CUCSA Malawi 2022 games. These visiting institutions included University of South Africa, Chalimbana University of Zimbabwe, University of Angola, University of Zambia and University of Science and Technology NUST of Zimbabwe.

TESSAM comprises public and private universities and colleges (UNIMA, MUBAS, MUST, MZUNI, KUHES, LUANAR, Domasi College of Education, DMI, MAGU, Nalikule) TESSAM alone assembled 143 sports men and women who competed in different activities such as athletics, football (men and ladies), volleyball, netball, lawn tennis and chess.

Despite hosting the Malawi 2022 CUCSA games, the country’s team came fifth in overall teams’ performance. Malawi attained 4 gold medals, 4 silver and 4 bronze. It emerged 5 points above Angola which had managed to get 1 silver in chess and came the last number 6.

The Malawi team scooped gold medals from athletics, achieving position 3. Botswana was number 2 while South Africa emerged on position number 1, with 10 gold medals and 3 gold medals in total.

Commenting on the overall organization of CUCSA games, the Acting President of TESSAM, Martha Sambani said lack of adequate sponsorship hampered the smooth running of preparations and games, but she was quick to say it was an experience that readied them for better preparation in future. She expressed appreciation to Malawi government and member universities for the financial support that enabled the event to take place. Sambani asked for additional support in the future CUCSA games.

CUCSA games had a long hiatus due to Covid-19 pandemic that had seen most mass gathering events being postponed for years on world sports platforms.