Liberia (University of Liberia) Students, Administration Reach Agreement on Payment Of Registration Fees and Transportation Service

Student leaders and representatives of various student organizations at the University of Liberia (UL) have voted in majority to pay 50 percent of their registration fees before the midterm exam in the second semester for Academic Year 2022.

During the well-attended meeting with UL President Prof. Dr. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson, Jr., on the Capitol Hill Campus Wednesday, November 23, 2022, the students also voted in majority to pay L$50 per trip to UL Fendall campus on the National Transit Authority (NTA) bus.

Chaired by the University of Liberia Student Interim Leadership president Varfee J.M. Dukuly, the meeting was called to harmonize contentious issues raised by students ahead of the new semester that begins this Monday, November 28, 2022.

Registration fees at the University of Liberia is a little over L$2,000 a semester, and students are not required to pay tuition fees because the Government of Liberia has a tuition-free policy that affects all public universities and colleges.

Since a vast majority of students could not pay their registration fees in past semesters, their leaders became concerned about reports that only those who register fully for this new semester would access the E-portal system to plan their courses.

“We appeal that the system be opened [so that ] we can pay 50 percent before mid-term, and the remaining 50 percent [be paid before] final exam,” said student Dukuly.

He told President Nelson that it was an agreement from all the students that attended the meeting through the majority vote.

In response, President Nelson told the students to submit to his office in writing what they had voted upon to enable him to brief his cabinet colleagues.

“So first thing first, when I receive the document from you then I will respond to you. The document with the attendance list and what you suggested through your vote, soon it gets on my desk, then I will respond and make that official,” President Nelson said.

Following the presentation of their official request to the office of the President, an eight-count Memorandum of Understanding has been concluded between the students and UL Administration which put into immediate effect some of the points discussed in the November 23 meeting:

  1. That, due to the current reality of the economic conditions and constraints being faced by the administration, the fare of transportation on the various buses commuting students from Benson Hospital in Paynesville to the Fendall campus should be changed from TWENTY LIBERIAN DOLLARS (20.00LRD) to FIFTY LIBERIAN DOLLARS (50.00LRD) taking immediate effect.
  2. That, the administration should make available adequate buses by 7am to take students on campus and 6pm to take students from campus.
  3. That, the buses must be in a good condition to commute students in a conducive atmosphere.
  4. That, the buses must be accessible to the students at all times during school periods both on Fendall Campus and Benson Hospital.
  5. That, due to the untimeliness in the dissemination of information concerning the payment of fees before planning, the University of Liberia’s portal should be opened and accessible for students to plan their courses and attend classes.
  6. That, 50% of registration fees should be paid before midterm and the balance 50% be paid before final exams during the academic semester 2021/2022.
  7. That, beginning the 1st semester of 2022/2023; the University Administration proposed registration policy will take effect.
  8. That, upon the payment of registration fees, the university should ensure that all necessary services that are reflected in the registration fees should be made available at the beginning of the 1st semester 2022/2023.

These counts are expected to take immediate effect at the start of the semester on Monday, November 28, 2022.