University of International Business and Economics (China) UIBE overseas Confucius Institutes hold annual session

The annual joint conference of UIBE overseas Confucius Institutes opened in Changsha on December 8th 2019. The Chinese and foreign heads of the university’s 10 Confucians Institutes shared their work in the past year and best practices of teaching.

While recognizing their achievements, Mr. Jiang Qingzhe, party chief of the UIBE, called for continuous efforts in Chinese language teaching and culture promotion due to the country’s ever-expanding ties with the rest of the world.

Jiang said that Confucius Institutes need to make reforms and innovation to improve the school-running quality. He also proposed to start online teaching programs.

According to Jiang, those institutes need to offer influential flagship programs of Chinese language teaching tailored for locals while giving full play to UIBE’s academic strength