University of Iceland (Iceland) A Brave New World – students from two universities collaborate on an exhibition

The exhibition ´A Brave New World´ will open at the Nordic House on Sunday. It is based on a collaborative course between students from the MA Design programme at the University of the Arts and students of anthropology, health sciences and environmental and natural resources at the University of Iceland.

The course is an exercise in communicating and collaborating across fields and challenged the participants to find a common language and together approach a research field, and collaboratively translate it into a visual format that engages the viewer with the subject. The exhibition Brave New World is thus the outcome of a dialogue between the arts and sciences: a collaborative video workshop with the students. In conversation with researchers and practitioners, the students inquire into, highlight, and interpret ways to move forward on this road ahead.

The course was organized for the second time by Uta Reichardt, Postdoc at the University of Iceland and taught together with film maker Lee Lorenzo Lynch and MA design program director Thomas Pausz. “Like last year, we taught a hands-on intensive course, in which the students explored transdisciplinary collaboration between the field of design and the scientific environment. Using the medium of film, they approached societal, environmental, and philosophical issues together with researchers at the University of Iceland,” explains Uta.

A Brave New World

Current environmental and societal challenges require our societies to negotiate untrodden paths. But how can we imagine the new, more sustainable world we are heading for? In order to embark on this journey together, we need to combine facts with emotive matter, make the abstract personal and foster forward-thinking, empathetic discourse. The works are connected to a number of UN SDGs, as they reflect on our relationships with healthy ageing (3), environment and gender equality (5), sustainable production of wool and construction materials (12), the protection of ocean life (14) and the environment (15).

The exhibition takes place at the Nordic House and will be open on Sunday from 1 – 5 pm. It is open to everybody and the entry is free of charge.