University of Geneva (Switzerland) A new tool to assess the digitalization of companies

On Friday, December 2, 2022, the eighth edition of the Digital Economy Forum took place, on the theme of data valorization. In front of an audience of more than a hundred entrepreneurs, the Department of Economy and Employment (DEE) unveiled a new tool to assess the digitization of companies, developed in collaboration with the UNIGE University Center for Informatics (CUI).

Designed thanks to the prior participation and feedback of more than 1200 companies and developed in partnership with UNIGE, HEG and the Swiss company Ethix Lab, the Digital Observatory allows companies to identify their degree of maturity in terms of digitization and digital responsibility. The latter can thus compare, completely anonymously, their results with other market players, by sector or by type of company. It also provides resources to support digital transition and change management. Over the months and years, this tool will be enriched with new services and content for companies.

“The digitalisation of companies opens the door to many opportunities, but it also brings with it new risks and new legal and ethical responsibilities,” said Fabienne Fischer, State Councillor for the DEE. “The creation of tools such as the Digital Observatory – open access for all – allows a comparison that engages action, improves the security of companies and avoids the emergence of digital divides between economic actors.”