Cameroon (University of Dschang) The Institute of Fine Arts of the UDs in Foumban

Foumban, UDs/SIC-08/11/22 . Under the reign of Prof. MOUICHE Ibrahim, the Institute of Fine Arts in Foumban held its second general assembly on Monday, November 7. There were on the menu of this statutory meeting, to which the staff responded very massively, 04 essential points: the conduct of exams and competitions at the end of the 2021-2022 academic year; the issue of infrastructure; the 2022-2023 academic year and the question of professional ethics. 

When the Director enters the proceedings room of this jewel of the University of Dschang, it is packed. It is with great enthusiasm that he will invite his staff to sit down. The tone thus set, it is with the same enthusiasm that the various points on the agenda will be dealt with. Regarding the progress of the 2021-2022 end-of-year activities, the Director will thank his staff for “a frank collaboration” and for their dedication, two major qualities that will have enabled the Institute to meet the challenge of its alignment with the calendar. academically, with in particular the timely promulgation of the results of the exams and the entrance examination to the first year, then the effective start of the courses on October 4, 2022. This success, “unprecedented” in the opinion of certain IBA staff -UDs, follows a set of reforms initiated by Prof MOUICHE upon taking office last June. Indeed, one of the reforms that the IBA-UDs is undergoing is the establishment of a set of commissions in charge of the management and deliberation of the examinations. This is a break with a tradition which left this responsibility solely to the heads of Department and which was likely to favor a certain sclerosis.

Calling on his staff to a permanent quest for performance and excellence, the Director will reiterate his desire to place his reign under the signs of sharing , consensus and healthiness , three concepts that relate to the philosophy of dynamic collectivedefended by the rector of the University of Dschang. It should be remembered that the Institute is still under construction and therefore faces a serious problem of budget and infrastructure. Dilapidated, gloomy and revolting, the educational block would have deterred a certain number of aspirants to the Institute of Fine Arts. The Director therefore invited his staff to adopt a hygienic attitude in order to join him in his efforts to renovate the existing infrastructures. It is not only about our physical and mental well-being which is essential to our productivity, but also about our attractiveness, he will suggest.

Following the Director, the heads of the various departments of the IBA-UDs took turns speaking to decide on the new academic year. Despite some inconveniences observed here and there, the results are rather positive. There again, the Director invited the various Heads of Department to greater consultation and collegiality in the use of classrooms. This umpteenth interpellation was added to that relating to professional ethics. For reasons that are obscure to say the least, some staff have mastered the art of informing, a practice likely to rot the administration of the IBA-UDs, thus making themselves guilty of not respecting their professional obligations. To these, 

Closing this meeting session, the miscellaneous phase will be punctuated by multiple interventions, among others that of the Deputy Director of the BA-UDs, Prof Monkarée, Dr Afane and Dr Kalieu, respectively about teachers living in the abroad, the preparation of a collaboration with the French Institute of Yaoundé and the establishment of the open days of the IBA-UDs. /RD