University of Bordeaux (France) 5 New Graduate Programs Launched Within The University Of Bordeaux

The University of Bordeaux continues to enrich its Graduate Program study offer. These international courses at Master and Doctorate level provide research-oriented training in scientific fields of excellence. Five new programs will launch at the start of the 2022 academic year.

Every year, doctors from the university’s doctoral schools and Graduate Programs gather to celebrate their graduation during the Doctors’ Ceremony.Every year, doctors from the university’s doctoral schools and Graduate Programs gather to celebrate their graduation during the Doctors’ Ceremony.

Each Graduate Program combines training and research around a particularly important scientific topic or community within the University of Bordeaux. These courses, accessible to post-graduate students and mainly taught in English, aim to strengthen the transition between Master and doctoral studies.

Support provided by the Graduate Research School also helps to professionalize the new generations of young doctors, in collaboration with the university’s strategic partners (CNRS, Inserm, INRAe and Inria).

New programs in September 2022

Funding from the Investments for the Future 3 SFRI (Structuring of training via research within the Initiatives of Excellence) call for projects has enabled the development of the UBGRS 2.0 project (Graduate school for junior researchers of the University of Bordeaux) and the creation of new training paths, expanding on the Graduate Programs launched as early as 2018 by the “Graduate Research” action.

Building on the first three programs already initiated in 2017 (Bordeaux Neurocampus, Light Sciences & Technologies and Digital Public Health), 4 new scientific programs of excellence were opened at the start of the 2021 academic year: EUREkA, Cardiac EP, Cancer Biology and Numerics.

The Graduate Programs continue to develop with the launch of 5 new programs, expected for the start of the academic year in September 2022:

ARCHEO / Archeology: the Bordeaux scientific community is internationally recognized for its regional archeological research, from prehistory to the Middle-Ages. The ARCHEO project brings together this research community from Laboratories of Excellence. This program offers field assignments around the world and a truly pluridisciplinary approach to teaching and research.
SENSE / Environmental Sciences: SENSE offers a multidisciplinary and innovative program dedicated to the study of environmental problems and the management of ecological transitions. The objective of the program is to train students and young researchers to respond to issues related to the protection and development of eco and agro-systems impacted by human activities and global changes.

EUR@frica / Contemporary approaches to African transitions: The contemporary history of African countries is marked by major transformations: urbanization, globalization of trade, IT and technological changes, migrations, etc. To best support the management of transitions in African societes, EUR@frica aims to train experts in various fields (diplomacy, economy, environment, public health, management of organizations, etc.) and to design international projects in conjunction with African universities.

SiTH / Health sciences and technologies: The SiTH program offers a, in-depth research-based training in the field of health innovations. The course trains young researchers to the study of patients, but also in biology and medicine, from the composition of tissues and cells to the study of molecules.

EcoPoDeMa / Economy and new technologies: The program is anchored in a context of computer revolution linked to new uses of big data. EcoPoDeMa strives to train a new generation of economists capable of redefining and strengthening the link between economic research and decision-making in the private and public sector.