University of Baghdad (Iraq ) Workshop on medical waste in the time of Covid-19 at the institute of genetic engineering

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ashwaq Bassem al-Hashemi from the Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnologies for Postgraduate Studies at the University of Baghdad, has delivered a lecturer at the workshop entitled “Medical waste and how to handle in the time of Covid-19 pandemic”. The workshop aimed to introduce medical waste and how to manage it through isolation, separation, collection, storage, transportation and disposal processes; also defining medical waste as a term that are resulted from the activities of health care institutions, laboratories, medical research centers, factories and warehouses of human and veterinary medicines, veterinary clinics and health clinics.

Within its recommendations, the workshop stressed the need to develop a national strategy for the treatment of waste in general and medical waste in particular with the creation of a comprehensive and integrated solution to manage the waste problem with the participation of all concerned parties and work to establish an Iraqi commercial company to collect, transport, store and treat natural and medical waste, as well as the establishment of workshops and training courses for medical and nursing cadres on the dangers of medical waste and the need to adhere to the instructions of occupational safety and repair of idle incinerators or the selection of appropriate and safe incinerators for the environment and individuals to be placed at the Iraqi hospitals with an awareness of the dangers of trash on the student health in public and private schools.