Madagascar (University of Antananarivo) Exit Of The Filamatra Promotion Of The Economics Mention Of The Faculty Of Economics-Management-Sociology (EGS) On November 11, 2022

The Master’s degree ceremony as well as the graduation of the Filamatra promotion from the Economics mention of the Faculty of Economics-Management-Sociology (EGS) was held on November 11, 2022 at the Cathedral of the field of social sciences. At the end of the ceremony, 105 Research Diplomas in Economics were awarded.

This Master is made up of four courses: Money-Banking-Finance, Health Economics, Development Economics, and Public and Environmental Economics. This promotion was sponsored by the Managing Director of the Malagasy Mutualist Savings and Credit Company (SMMEC) Romuald Andriamarosolo Randriamalala. The latter, during his speech, in addition to encouragement, blessings and motivations, encouraged these new graduates to “be an actor in their own lives, not a spectator of those of others”.

Economics tends to study how a country’s resources are used to meet the needs of its citizens. These graduates will be able to work as financial analysts, bank advisers, economic attachés or even political advisers.