Cabo Verde (Universidade Jean Piaget De Cabo Verde) Unipiaget professor participates in the lecture organization and financing mechanisms of the cape verdean sport sector

In commemoration of Cape Verdean Sport Day, the Institute of Sport and Youth and the Association of Journalists of Cape Verde held on November 15 in Praia City in the conference room of the Hotel OASIS Atlântico a lecture ORGANIZATION AND FINANCING MECHANISMS OF THE CAPE VERDEAN SPORTS SECTOR.

The meeting was inaugurated by the Administrator of the IDJ, Mr. Graciano Sena, President of AJOC, Mr. Geremias Furtado and the Deputy Minister of the PM for Youth and Sport, Mr. Carlos Monteiro.

Prof. Wlodzimierz J. Szymaniak, professor at UniPiaget, in the area of communication, was invited to present the theme “Impact of Social Communication on the Development of Sport”. He commented on some historical aspects of sports journalism and highlighted current challenges, such as the need for journalistic expertise.

Other topics that were presented during the lecture were as follows:

– Formalization of Cape Verdean Sport;

– Organization and Financing Mechanisms of Sport;

– Sustainability of the Sports Press.

The meeting allowed communication science students to contact with professional reality and professionals in the sector, some of them trained by Jean Piaget University.