Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico) Exhibitions New airs and Memorial , in the Garden of Sculptures

  • They will be open to the public until February 17, 2023

11/30/2022, Xalapa, Ver.- The Xalapa Sculpture Garden of the Veracruz Institute of Culture dresses up with two exhibitions that link it with the Institute of Plastic Arts (IAP) of the Veracruzana University (UV). 

Memorial is a tribute to the sculpture donated by Ryuichi Yahagi to the Sculpture Garden 24 years ago, being a large river rock wound with copper wires. In the multipurpose gallery, the IAP-UV academic presents multiple river stones in the form of an installation in sizes that can be held in one hand, giving an intimate character to each piece wrapped with annealed metal wires. 

The exhibition Nuevos aires is presented in the central gallery , conceived and curated by Yosi Anaya, a researcher at the IAP-UV. 

Here, 50 textile artists in Mexico, among them three guests from Colombia, Croatia and Spain, present 25 small-format three-dimensional works measuring 30x30x30 cm and 25 medium-format two-dimensional works. Each diverse work represents the individuality and technique of each author and author. 

The sample is part of the exhibitions in 15 countries that make up the X Biennial of World Textile Art (WTA). 


Appearance of the Memorial exhibition


In the curatorial text of Nuevos aires Yosi Anaya comments: “After more than two years of world crisis, air, a vital element, has once again taken precedence. At the same time, we are still coming out of a forced confinement, aware that it was precisely the element of air that many who are no longer with us lacked. It is a time not only to meet again and channel our creativity, but also to rethink the theme-concept-element that I have proposed for our exhibition in Xalapa, which is Nuevos aires .. Let us think of the movement and pulsation of living things, of what constitutes a nurturing environment, of affected and reconstructed breathing, of our seas, of our forests and mountains, of damaged cities, of the physical efforts to stay afloat. , and above all in the well-being of our future. 

” For this exhibition of contemporary textile art, the notion of Nuevos aires proposes to encourage exploration beyond the path traveled, established and achieved by each one, inviting them to explore new ways. Artists participating in the previous WTA biennials were sought, with clear proposals of quality in the execution, concept and creativity in the handling of materials, to each execute a novel work within the stipulated measures. 


Aspect of the exhibition New airs


“Here after these years of confinement and separation we meet again, with the idea of ​​taking a fresh breath, taking a deep breath and opening ourselves to a future of human interaction.” 

The Memorial and Nuevos aires exhibitions are celebrated with the 24th anniversary of the Xalapa Sculpture Garden, the 25th anniversary of the World Textile Art organization and the eve of the 45th anniversary of the Institute of Plastic Arts. They will be open to the public until February 17, 2023.