Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador) GRATEFUL: Artistic Project That Seeks To Promote Gratitude As A Permanent Habit In The Community

The Digital Animation career of the College of Communication and Contemporary Arts (COCOA) of the San Francisco de Quito University (USFQ), together with the Cepreme Foundation and its project Rviv https://www.mujercepreme.com/quienes-somos/  have developed an initiative that seeks to promote the habit of gratitude, as a fundamental pillar in the lives of human beings. Through an artistic approach, gratitude is sought to become a daily and genuine habit with the aim of establishing an emotional balance and the environment of people. 


This social project presents an innovative product to the community through the development of interactive tools for daily use. For this, a box with 60 illustrated cards designed by 31 members of the USFQ community has been prepared. Each letter contains a reflective and inspirational message in order to promote the habit of gratitude, as a fundamental pillar to see life from a more positive perspective and thus be able to transform it. Additionally, it includes an explanatory manual on the power of gratitude, as well as the story behind the creation of the product and its authors, made up of professors, students, alumni of the USFQ Digital Animation career and members of the foundations. participants, who collaborated with their illustrations in each of the letters. 

The main artists collaborating in the development and concept of the project are: Andrea Encalada (CEPREME Foundation), Karla Chiriboga (USFQ), Gabriela Vayas-Rodríguez (USFQ) and Sebastián Jimenez (CEPREME Foundation).

 The event will take place this coming Wednesday, November 24, 2022 at the Shakespeare Theater at 6:00 p.m. Its organizers extend a cordial invitation to the community to be part of this social initiative and also share with experts in positive psychology.

For more information you can contact: Daniela Armijos darmijos@usfq.edu.ec 0959837194 or Karla Chiriboga kchiriboga@usfq.edu.ec.