Chile (Universidad del Desarrollo) Journalist andres Oppenheimer will deliver a speech at the launch of Faro UDD

As part of Faro UDD’s official lecture, noted Argentine journalist, columnist and author andres Oppenheimer will visit Chile and deliver a speech titled “Drifting Latin America?” at two locations of the University of Development. “This is a very important moment, because it is a very important moment, because it is a very important moment,” he said.

With a career spanning more than four decades, Oppenheimer is considered one of Latin America’s most influential intellectuals. He has written eight books about the challenges facing different countries in the region and has taken a critical look at the changes in government seen on the continent over the past period.

For many years he hosted “Oppenheimer Presents” on CNN en espanol, which was watched by millions of Spanish-speaking people, and his column “The Oppenheimer Report” was published in more than 50 newspapers, including the Miami Herald in the United States and el Mercurio in Chile.

Executive Director Ernesto Silva of the Headlights Red Shirt explained that the invitation to Oppenheimer was presented because the Social Research Center “needs to connect ideas today, but the reality of debate, public discussion and what is happening before the eyes of every country in the region.” We hope his speech will spark an ongoing conversation at universities and research centers where liberal democracy and respect for individual freedom continue to be promoted.”

It should be noted that Red in the Headlights is a center for the humanities and social sciences “designed as a space for scholarly thinking that seeks to contribute content to the well-being of Chile and its citizens, training young people by generating solid, enriched national public debate and academic talent, all in line with the ethics of a foundational representative democracy and free society.”