Chile (Universidad Austral de Chile) They promote free training in the Los Rios area

Last Friday, 4 November, a closing ceremony was held for the latest course taught in this way, Pastry and Pastry Technology, for mothers and students of Celipras Differential School for students with disabilities in the Lagos neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The University of Southern Chile celebrated with 21 students and their families their participation in one of the UACh funded training Spaces, which provides the community with access to new tools and knowledge aimed at strengthening entrepreneurship in the region.

This time, the pastry and confectionery technology course was chronologically conducted with 100 hours of training and developed for a month, and was undertaken by the technical training institute YBM. The final investment of the event was P9.5 million.

In this sense, Lorna Verdugo, Head of Training and Development at the University of Southern Chile, highlighted the dedication and commitment of the students and their mothers attending this course: “We are pleased to contribute to the open training space to provide new employment opportunities for residents of our region, and we are especially proud to work to assist people with disabilities, using our inclusion policy as a reference and considering legislation that addresses labor inclusion issues for workers with disabilities.”

For her part, Macarena Schield, UTP head of Celipras School in Los Lagos, said: “We are an institution that has worked for the social inclusion of people with disabilities for more than 10 years. For this reason, programs like the one we’ve just started are vital for our students and their parents to integrate them into traditional jobs. They will have the necessary tools so that they can choose the family business and, most importantly, they can enjoy the quality of life “.

“It’s very important for us to continue to have these kinds of alliances with companies like Universo de Chile, who provide us with enough money to continue training our students so that they have all the tools they need for future job placement,” says Macarena Schield.

Finally, YBM Training Manager Yasna Bustos Mendez added: “Three years ago, we worked with the Department of Labour at CELIPAS College, Los Lagos Commune through a pre-contract model. We sought to meet the training needs of its users and families to develop integrated skills that enable them to satisfactorily solve the challenges presented by everyday life.

Since 2009, the University of Southern Chile has begun work on a pre-contract programme, employing three types of training: the first for the children of workers, the second for the Valdivia community and the third for university students, establishing itself as a pioneering organization using this training model for the benefit of the community.