Argentina (Universidad Austral) A week “with French flair” at Campus Pilar

Our beloved Pilar headquarters is once again the host of the French Week, organized by the Universidad Austral and the Alianza Francesa de Pilar. Do not miss the activity proposals from Monday, March 21!

Cinema, art and special courses will be some of the activities that will be carried out and that will be enjoyed by those who visit the Building of Degree, while listening to ambient French music.

We share the schedule of activities with free admission for the entire Austral community and external guests who wish to join (we request that you stop by Reception to register when entering the activities).

Itinerant French Cinema Week

  • It is a series of four unpublished French films for all tastes, organized by the Institut Français d’Argentine, the General Delegation of the AF and Alianza Francesa de Pilar. The appointment is in the Austral Campus Auditorium.
    • Monday 3/21 – 7pm – Sympathie pour le diable
    • Tuesday 3/22 – 7pm – Papicha
    • Wednesday 3/23 – 7pm – De nos frères blessés
    • Friday 3/25 – 7pm – Goodbye to them

Art exhibition

  • Under the name “Quand on rêve de Paris” , a series of artistic pieces will be exhibited in the Central Hall of the Austral Campus.

Open and free French classes

  • A series of 45-minute classes for beginners in a hybrid way (face-to-face and virtual) during the noon hour, in which you can discover the dynamic and participatory methodology.

French Menu

  • On Friday, March 25, students, teachers and staff will be able to enjoy a French menu for breakfast, lunch and tea in the Austral University cafeteria and dining room. Some of the suggested dishes will be croque-monsieur, croque-madame, oeuf cocotte, crêpes, soupe à l’oignon, salade landaise, salade parisienne, quiche lorraine, mousse chocolat, riz au lait .


For more information or inquiries , please write to the following emails: