Argentina (Universidad Austral) A student from the Faculty of Law was selected to participate in an outstanding international program

Javier Lariguet, 3rd year of Law , has been one of the 32 students selected by the Botín Foundation to participate in the XIII Edition of the Program for the Strengthening of the Public Function in Latin America .

Oriented so that some of the best university students in Latin America -after completing their studies- dedicate themselves to public affairs with integrity, proactivity and a vocation for service, the Program attracted more than 6,000 candidates for this year’s edition, all university students from 21 countries in the region. Among them, 123 were pre-selected, of which 32 were chosen, and 16 students in reserve, selected for their high potential and their vocation for public service.

Javier will participate in the face-to-face program, which will take place from October 17 to December 1, 2022. The meeting begins in Bogotá, Colombia (Universidad de los Andes), continues in the Spanish cities of Madrid and Santander (at the headquarters of the Fundación Botín), and at the University of Salamanca, and concludes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Getulio Vargas Foundation).

Upon completion, students will be part of the Alumni Network of Public Servants of Latin America. The program has been running for 12 years and 410 young people from 20 Latin American countries have graduated, of which 70% work in positions related to public service in their countries.


For the Faculty of Law of the Austral University, it is also a source of honor that, out of the thousands of candidates, there are 3 students from the Faculty of Law among the 45 chosen, since Julieta Berger, from the 5th year of Law, and Teresa Holmberg , who is studying Political Science , are among the 16 reserve students and will be able to access part of the benefits of the XIII Program.

All the candidates carried out a rigorous selection process that began in March, in which they carried out “impact actions” in their communities, responded to forms, participated in interviews and tested their leadership and work skills. equipment in practical cases.