UKRI Visits BANGOR UNIVERSITY in Support of World-Class Research and Innovaion

The visit was part of a series of engagement events across the UK, showcasing UKRI’s strategy and offering an opportunity for UKRI to demonstrate their support for world-class locations for research and innovation such as Bangor University.

UKRI Chief Executive, Professor Dame Ottoline Leyser and local representatives started the tour at Wales’ first Science Park, M-SParc, where they learned about exciting local breakthroughs in areas such as renewable energy research. This was followed by a series of roundtable discussions and presentations by Bangor-based experts on diverse topics covering Welsh innovation and how research and innovation can support the future of health care.

The group also visited the UKRI-funded, Bangor University research ship, RS Prince Madog where crew members and researchers discussed exciting research conducted on the ship into areas including the unknown history of the Titanic.

A presentation by Professor Dame Ottoline Leyser on how UKRI is working to transform the future of research and innovation in the UK by investing in world-class places such as Bangor, provided the high point of a series of talks which concluded Friday’s visit.