UK (University of Gloucestershire) Everyday is Spacial conference brings together UK and international researchers

University of Gloucestershire students and staff delivered the hugely successful two-day conference Everyday is Spacial aimed at encouraging and exploring creativity in producing audio and audiovisual immersive experiences.

The innovative event, based at the University’s Park Campus in Cheltenham, enables practitioners to reveal the potentials, challenges and uses for how spatial audio will define the everyday audio experience.

This year’s Everyday is Spacial brought together established and early-career researchers from the University’s School of Creative Industries with an established and growing network of research colleagues from across the UK and abroad.

They collaborated on presenting and interrogating opportunities for embedding spatial audio across music, journalism, film, television and education.

The conference, which included four dedicated spatial sound rooms, featured more than 30 presentations and performances of work exploring the boundaries of spatial audio practice in the everyday use of artists and creators.

Among the presenters were Dr Philip Reeder, Senior Lecturer in Music and Sound Production; Gary-Martin Rolinson, Lecturer in Music; Ben Hamid, Lecturer in Music Production; and part-time academic staff Teddy Hunter and Leigh Davies.

Conference research outcomes from this year’s Everyday is Spacial will be published by Routledge and the International Journal for Creative Media Research.