UK (University of Manchester) UK steps up efforts to prepare and protect against the impacts of climate change

UK Government is stepping up efforts to prepare and protect against the impacts of climate change, launching a new £5 million research programme today (Friday 6 August) that will provide the backbone needed to drive forward the UK’s world-leading response to climate change.

The new programme will see The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change and Ricardo as partners to explore how the UK can be resilient to the risks posed by climate change, such as flooding, heat waves, and extreme storms. By providing high-quality scientific research and analysis, today’s new climate research programme will help government decision makers ensure the UK is more resilient to the impacts a warming planet will have on our nation’s infrastructure.

Titled “Climate Services for a Net Zero Resilient World (CS-N0W)”, the 4-year scheme will produce transformative advice, digital data, and technology, providing critical evidence and expertise to inform the government’s action plan for delivering a thriving, low-carbon, greener future.

These include reducing exposure to climate impacts such as the overheating of homes and extreme weather damage to energy infrastructure, engaging with local authorities on local climate action plans, and developing international climate strategies for global decarbonisation.

UK Climate and Energy Minister and International Adaption and Resilience COP26 Champion, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, said: From soaring temperatures in our homes, to flooding in our streets, climate change poses a threat to both our way of life and the safety of our nation. The climate decisions taken by the government now, and over these crucial next few years, are therefore of vital importance to protect our homes, our wellbeing, and our country’s future.

“The CS-N0W programme will be essential in informing these decisions, providing the right tools and most up-to-date information needed to ensure the best possible choices are made for the UK to achieve our net zero emissions targets, become more climate-resilient, and build back greener.”

“Tyndall Manchester is delighted to be part of this exciting and impactful collaboration to enhance the evidence base upon which policy-making activities are based. Major activities for the Tyndall Manchester team relate to emissions from shipping and the resilience of the electricity supply network in the UK, as well as bespoke reviews of key climate-related assessments.
Professor Carly McLachlan, Director of Tyndall Manchester”
The CS-N0W programme is a 4-year research programme that will harness cutting-edge scientific knowledge to inform cross-government climate policy, helping policy makers make informed, evidence-based decisions to improve the UK’s resilience to climate change, by enhancing scientific understanding of climate impacts, decarbonisation and climate action, and improving accessibility of climate data.  

CS-N0W will be carried out by a consortium of internationally renowned universities and research institutes, led by Ricardo, a global environmental consultancy. The consortium will provide world-class scientific and research leadership, with a deep understanding of both the state of scientific knowledge of climate change and how to advance it, as well as the steps required to bridge science and facilitate evidence-based policy-making.

Today’s new climate research programme builds on the UK Government’s efforts to tackle climate change and build back greener from the COVID-19 pandemic. As called for in the recent climate risk report from the independent Climate Change Committee, the UK government is showing international leadership by increasing domestic climate resilience efforts, ahead of the COP26 UN Climate Summit in November.


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