Argentina (Technological Institute of Buenos Aires) One Initiative, More Research

The ITBA and the I+D+i Agency presented PICTO-ITBA 2022, a call for financing projects for University researchers, with the intention of promoting the scientific community and generating an impact on society.

On Tuesday, April 11, the PICTO-ITBA 2022 call was launched, an initiative carried out by the University together with the I+D+i Agency (National Agency for the Promotion of Research, Technological Development and Innovation), in which Both institutions will finance Scientific and Technological Research projects presented by ITBA researchers.

The call has three priority topics, among which “Unconventional Energies”, “Agrotechnology”, “Management, Technology and Society” stand out, although it is also possible to present it in the “open topics” category. In this way, financial support will be given to 4 projects for recently formed groups for three years, and three projects for initial researchers for a period of 24 months.

The event was attended by Fernando Peirano, President of the Agency, who highlighted the value of these calls. “It is important not only for the financing of research, but also because the PICTO guarantees accreditation: that is, recognizing who is a researcher for the scientific system, which is an essential value in the work. We are proud that ITBA is part of this initiative”.

Dr. Mariana Di Tada, Director of the University’s Research and Doctorate Department , also shared her point of view: « From this call, several ITBA researchers will be able to develop projects, which we trust will have transcendence not only in the community but also throughout society.