Denmark (Technical University of Denmark ) Jaap Daalhuizen receives DTU’s teaching award 2022

The award is given to teachers who have made a special effort to systematically initiate, investigate, document, and share experiences with the development of their teaching and their students’ learning.

“We are pleased to announce that Jaap Daalhuizen has won DTU’s teaching award in recognition of the extraordinary and new approach to the development and delivery of the new master’s programme Innovation in Engineering,” says Dean of DTU Philip Binning.

The course Innovation in Engineering is groundbreaking in its structure and in its involvement of participants and target groups, and it is a shining example of DTU’s strategy that innovation should be included in all master’s programs. Since september 2022, the course has been compulsory for all master students.

“I am very happy with this recognition for the hard work and innovation that went into the development of the course. I am also happy with the recognition of innovation as a core competence for all engineers! At the same time, I want to thank the many fantastic people across DTU – both staff and students! – that have helped to realize this pioneering course on innovation in engineering,” says Jaap Daalhuizen

Jaap Daalhuizen has been selected from a field of the best teachers nominated from all department at DTU. The prize was awarded at DTU’s teaching seminar on Thursday d.  17 November.

Awarded for the special effort

DTU’s teaching award was established by DTU’s Executive Board in 2016. It honors a single teacher or team of educators and differs from the awards for teachers of the year, which are awarded by DTU’s student organization PF, by rewarding a process, while the teachers of the year are rewarded for a performance in the auditoriums.