Egypt (Tanta University) In Enhancement of Decent Life Initiative, 1340 Patients are Examined at Tanta University’s Comprehensive Convoy in Samannoud Province

Tanta University organized a comprehensive medical convoy in Bena Abo Sir village located in Samannoud province in Gharbia governorate under patronage of Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, University President, and Prof. Mahmoud Salim, University Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, in cooperation with the Supreme Medical Aid Committee of the Cabinet and Decent Life Foundation as part of the presidential initiative “Decent Life”.

Prof. Mahmoud Zaki declared that the university organizes comprehensive convoys in the context of enhancing the presidential initiative “Decent Life”, and supporting Egypt’s sustainable development vision 2030. The convoys also aim to present outreach services to citizens in social and economic fields based on the role played by the university in community service.

Moreover, Prof. Mahmoud Salim pointed out that efficient medical cadres of various specialties from Faculty of Medicine participate in the convoys held in the neediest villages. He added that Faculty of Medicine participated in the convoy with examining patients in cooperation with Faculty of Nursing that gave lectures about nutrition and first aid. Faculty of Pharmacy participated in the convoy and offered medicaments for free to the examined cases. Faculty of Agriculture offered 50 olive trees to be planted in the village in the framework of the presidential initiative “100 Million Trees”.

In addition, Prof. Mohammad Al-Shebiny, Vice Dean of Faculty of Medicine for Community Service and Environmental Development, stated that 1340 patients were examined at the convoy in 12 different clinics and that 87 cases were transferred to University Hospitals.

It is worth noting that 24 citizens had literacy exams at the convoy in attendance of Prof. Sahar Al-Haggar, Acting Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy; Mr. Mohammad Ghazy, General Manager of Environmental Projects; and Mr. Maher Saad, General Manager of Community Service.