Egypt (Suez Canal University) The first meeting of the International Publishing Center at Suez Canal University

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Zaki, Suez Canal University President, confirmed that the university seeks, through the International Publishing Center, to provide services to researchers and postgraduate students at the university.

continued, the center is interested in providing various research services for linguistic auditing and translation for scientific research and human studies to help researchers at the university to prepare theses and scientific research in good form that contribute to the acceptance of publication through its elite of specialists and experts in this field.

In line with this context, the first meeting of the International Publishing Center was held on Monday, 2 November, chaired by Prof.Dr. Magda Hejres, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research.

Prof. Dr.Magda Hagras presented a report on the university’s classification and the international publishing houses of the university’s faculty in raising the status and classification of the university in various international classifications, including the Times of Higher Education, noting the importance of raising the efficiency of international publishing through the services provided at the center, training, workshops and various scientific consultations.

The Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research also praised the success of the “research advisor” initiative organized by the center during last September, which witnessed a turnout of faculty members and the assisting body from the various colleges and sectors of the university and included statistical consultations, scientific research methodology, sample size calculation, for scientific colleges Faculties of Humanities provided that such initiatives take place once each term to include free scientific consultations in the fields of international publishing, statistical analysis, sample size calculations, and scientific research methodology.

Prof.Dr. Magda Hejres indicated the success of the idea of ​​directed publishing by organizing research groups at the university and partnership with a university and other countries on topics of international topics of interest such as the Corona virus, as coordination with a number of research groups at the university through the center and at least 23 were published A research paper and reference study on Coronavirus from Suez Canal University.

The meeting was attended by Prof. Dr. Safwat Abdel-Maqsoud, Dean of the Institute of Biotechnology, Dr. Abdel-Ghaffar Muhammad Abu Al-Saud, Assistant Professor at the College of Science and Director of the Center, Dr. Tohamy Ali, Dr. Dunya Salim, and Dr. Elham Ali the Center’s members

The meeting discussed the formation of the center’s board of directors, presenting a report on the tasks carried out by the center and discussing plans for holding training courses to raise the efficiency of international publishing at the university