St Petersburg University (Russia) People need determination to start learning a foreign language

Learning of the Russian language and culture is becoming more and more popular, and foreign students still want to study at St Petersburg University. Even if a foreign student cannot come to St. Petersburg to study offline, he or she has an opportunity to sign up for additional programmes in online format.

You have studied at the Russian as a foreign language programme online. Would you like to continue your studies at St Petersburg University?

If I get a chance, I hope to come to St. Petersburg to study. Furthermore, St Petersburg University has a long history in biology development. That is why I would like to dive into the science of Russia.

Have you ever studied the Russian language before?

I am beginner in learning Russian. I first started to study Russian at the Summer School of St Petersburg University. Teachers of the University taught fundamentals of the Russian language to us and trained our speaking skills. I was deeply impressed by learning process. It was very exciting because full immersion into the language environment helped me learn more about the pronunciation and the speech tone.

Zhang Yinghan is a second-year medical student of Sichuan University (West China College of Public Health). She is 20 years old and study preventive medicine.

Does your field of study related to the Russian language?

Most of the modern medicine originates in Russia. Therefore, learning the Russian language will help me better understand development of medicine. Also, it will give me an opportunity to read new interesting articles and publications.

How did you learn about the Summer School of St Petersburg University? Why did you choose it?

I saw an announcement posted on the website of my University’s academic office. Considering that I have been interested in learning of the Russian language and Russian traditions, I decided to choose this programme.

Please tell us about the opportunities and benefits you got while studying at the SPbU summer school.

I have learned fundamentals of the Russian language; I can read Russian words and hold a simple conversation. Also, I can learn and master new Russian words. Beside that summer vacations provide a good opportunity to take advantage of your time. Thanks to the Summer School I acquired new knowledge and learned more about culture and traditions in St. Petersburg.

What kind of “tricks” did you learn while studied the Russian language?

During my studies I tried so hard to pronounce Russian «р» letter correctly. Although my pronunciation is not standard, a teacher told us about techniques that would help us to improve it.

I believe that people need determination to start learning a foreign language, to speak in it, to imitate the way of teacher’s speaking.

Zhang Yinghan is a second-year medical student of Sichuan University (West China College of Public Health)

I really enjoyed our cultural exchange between students in the evenings. Fellow students from St Petersburg University told us about history of St. Petersburg, its festivals and suburban parks. Interaction with peers from different countries brought us together. Despite the fact that we all speak different languages, we experienced the charms of the culture and art of St. Petersburg which are beyond words.

Tell us more about the atmosphere during the educational process.

It was really relaxed. I felt that teacher is like our friend. Teachers encouraged us all the time to speak, paying attention to each student and patiently correcting us if we were making mistakes.

What were your impressions after studying at the SPbU Summer School?

I am deeply satisfied with the outcomes because I gained new knowledge and immersed into theви different teaching environment. The memories of this experience are unforgettable. I hope I will have an opportunity to come to St Petersburg University and see landscapes and buildings that I have seen on the Internet.