Southeast University (China) Southeast University Holds “My Youth Story” Sharing Session

On the evening of November 16, the “My Youth Story” theme sharing session of the “2022 Southeast University Freshmen Cultural Season” series of boutique activities was held in the Humanities Lecture Hall of Jiulonghu Campus. One of the special activities for students. Vice President Sun Litao attended the event and delivered a speech. Relevant comrades from the Armed Forces Department of the Party Committee, the Youth League Committee of the school, and representatives of teachers and students from various departments participated in the event.

Sun Litao said in his speech that the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to “implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education and strengthen the support of talents for modernization”. Dare to do and be good at doing good things. In the process of the school’s ongoing discussion on the educational thought of “Northeastern University’s mission of cultivating people through virtue and its action of putting students first”, everyone should think about what they are doing now and plan for the future, and keep their feet on the ground. good every step of the way. I hope that through this activity, students can seriously think about what kind of talents the party and the country need, what kind of people they want to be, and make further progress on the road to becoming a first-class leading talent. He said, “My Youth Story” is a brand student activity of Southeast University, which has been successfully held for 11 sessions. The youth stories told by every student participating in the sharing activity are very real and very touching. I hope that every student of Dongdae University can follow their example, find their own direction of growth and become a talent, and bloom a brilliant youth on the stage of Dongdae University.

Peng Zhifu from the School of Electronic Science and Engineering, Tao Tiantong from the School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, Huang Yaxin from the School of Transportation, and Chen Jingyi from the School of Law, respectively described their participation in cultural and artistic activities, competitions and scientific research, voluntary service, and joining the army through interviews. A wonderful coming-of-age story for enlisting in the military. Huang Yaxin, who has been awarded the “Literary Star” and “Best Female Anchor” by Southeast University, actively participates in voluntary services, with 419 hours of voluntary service time, and interprets the meaning of life that helping others is to make oneself happy with practical actions. Tao Tiantong, who has excellent academic performance, was selected into the 2022 Southeast University’s 2022 Undergraduate Direct Ph. classmates. Chen Jingyi voluntarily gave up her qualifications for direct research after graduation, and joined the 21st postgraduate teaching group of Southeast University, helping more than 170 students with disabilities and targeted poverty alleviation. honor. Peng Zhifu, who was awarded the “Excellent Conscript” and “Excellent Scholar”, after retiring from the military and returning to school in 2020, set up a training camp for student instructors to help Southeast University achieve independent training for the first time, and organized and planned a series of national defense education activities as the head of the association. The four students are outstanding in different fields, passing on the power of role models.

The four model students who impressed me the most came to the scene and shared their image of the “youth role model” in their minds, so that everyone could have a more comprehensive understanding of the growth process of the “youth role model”. The four students actively interacted with the teachers and students, and carried out the “passion of youth” to leave a “message of youth”.

At the event site, Sun Litao awarded honorary certificates to the four model students, and the whole event ended when the four “youth role models” led all the students to read the pledge of youth.

It is reported that the “My Youth Story” event of Southeast University has been successfully held for 12 sessions. The event aims to show the wonderful career path of model students through dialogues between freshmen and outstanding seniors and sisters in the form of relaxed interviews. It is a model for freshmen to provide all aspects of learning.