Social action of USP students raises funds for homeless people

The amount collected by the Sanca Social group, from the Institute of Mathematical and Computer Sciences of USP, will be reverted to the purchase of warm materials for the Divine Mercy Missionary Community of São Carlos

The social action Aconchegando Memórias, promoted by usp students from the São Carlos campus, is collecting warm enpropors for the Divine Mercy Missionary Community of the city, an institution that houses and supports people who are homeless or are overcoming chemical dependence, in addition to the sick.

It is possible to donate any amount of money to the campaign, which will be reverted to the purchase of warm-ups for the residents of the community. The students are part of the Sanca Social extension group, linked to the Institute of Mathematical and Computer Sciences (ICMC) of USP.

The group will purchase the items based on the needs of the people served. The account details for making the donations are:

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: 16992320978 Transfer by TED or DOC:
Bank: Banco do
Brasil Agency: 351-4 – Account:
37900-x (or 37900-0) Name: Bianca Figueiredo Taconelli
CPF: 493****17

About Sanca Social

In addition to university students from USP, the Sanca Social group is also managed by students from the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), who work with short, medium and long term projects in institutions in the city. The main ones are the Clubinho do saber Project, which works in partnership with elementary schools to arouse children’s interest in the study; the Living Memories Project, which promotes the integration, valorization and development of individuals of the Divine Mercy Community; the Events Project, which promotes actions and points aimed at the university public, as well as the community; and the EducaSanca Project, which assists high school youth from public schools, raising doubts about entering the university and the labor market.
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Text adapted from the Communication Office of ICMC-USP


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